EIMCO-K.C.P. Slakers and Slaker-Classifiers for lime are available in different sizes depending on the application and requirements. Slaker-Classifier combines the slaking action, classifying and grit removal in a single unit. The design provides adequate retention time for optimum slaking efficiency.

EIMCO-K.C.P Lime Slakers and Slaker Classifiers are available depending on the design of the hot lime facilities.

The recommended Slaker Classifier combines the slaking action, classifying and grit removal in a single, rugged unit.  An axial flow turbine in a baffled compartment is used for complete agitation.  Better pumping action is achieved with a lower horsepower requirement.

The classifier section utilizes a large diameter screw, similar to that which has been successfully used in the metallurgical industry for many years.  Virtually all of the plus 65 mesh inert solids are removed in this compartment.  The grit is sprayed with water at the top of the screw to recover any remaining soda values before discharge.

The large diameter screw in the Classifier has a force lubricated lower sleeve, using either water or green liquor as the lubricating fluid.

The entire unit is heavy-duty construction with stainless steel used in the slaking compartment liners, the agitator shaft and impeller, overflow, feed piping, and the classifier screw.

The design provides for adequate detention time for optimum slaking efficiency.